So glad that you have taken the time to visit us. Whatever your beliefs in God, whatever your thoughts about church, you are welcome at C3 Church Townsville. We are a vibrant and passionate church in the heart of Townsville and we believe that effective faith in Jesus Christ should enlarge every area of our lives – our thinking, our hearts, our visions and dreams for the future and our relationships.  Faith should also cause us to experience a positive and significant influence on the lives and world around us.

Ps Jorge and Claudia El-Khouri are passionate for God, for people and for life. They’ve been married since April 1997 and they have three beautiful daughters. Together, they launched C3 Church Townsville in September 2007.  Ps Jorge’s messages are practical, relevant and inspiring.  He often uses creative drama and the latest multimedia to bring a fresh and fun perspective to the ancient old life-changing message of Christ. Come and meet them this Sunday at church.

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